Resposta CCNA .Pt: What To Expect In CNNA Pt 1

The Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA pt 1 gives an introduction to the basics in designing the computer network. This develops the skills that are needed in supporting and designing an easy task in LAN network. This course trains students in taking the CCNA certification exam.

Understanding the ideas and concepts in architecture, functions of networking standards and OSI reference model is very important in IT networking. Knowing the different LAN technologies used is crucial in the basic functions of the IT industry. That’s why in CCNA pt 1, these issues are discussed including subnetting and design fundamentals in IP networks.

CCCNA pt 1 course aims to help the students in creating designs, understanding the fundamental LAN topologies and implement them. This also carries out the fundamental troubleshooting and LAN testing. The course introduces new ideas in network management and assists the students in the operation of TCP/ IP protocol. Enrollees will have the opportunity to perform the basic IP configuration upon completion of this course.

As we all know, companies these days are quite strict in hiring their employees. You need the basic requirements such as CCNA certifications to be able to qualify for the job in IT. If you are an IT professional who wants to get a promotion and a higher pay, then don’t think twice about getting a CCNA certification. Your experience, skill and talent combined with the necessary certifications, you will surely be ahead in the game.

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