Resume Certified Information Systems Security Professional-Information Security

The Benefits

In applying for a job, or presenting oneself for an available position, the applicant more or less has a handy resume with him. With this resume comes after the usual paperwork required to be passed by the applicant to the company or organization he is applying to. For one, a good and credible resume is needed because a resume is the only thing that is seen by the employer upon the exit of the applicant. With this in mind, resumes should be precise and easy to read and understand. It should be credible, as all things that may help the applicant get the job must be put into the resume. A programmer, which is a job already full of applicants, needs to have good and credible things to write in his resume. This is to put an edge over his competitors in the applying business. An Information Security Programmer is no different from the rest of the applicants. In fact, one factor that will surely affect his status of being hired or not, is his educational background. But this is already common in other Information Security Programmers, so the benefit of being a CISSp is that it puts some edge on the resume. Aside from the CISSP, the applicant may, if he has really done and passed it, include association with many organizations and companies involved in Information Security. A good resume does not ultimately translate to being hired, as in the case of being a CISSP, but it sure does create the impression of credibility and talent. Remember always, the word to note is credible.


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