Revealing the Best PPC Search Engine

The pay per click (PPC) search engine sells paid listings in general on a pay per click basis. Advertisers pay for each click, which the search engine delivers them; now, those who give out the highest payment are usually listed on higher ranks. In relation to this, the demand for pay per click services is rapidly growing; so, there are also apparent proliferations of PPC search engines today. Some of these engines are presented below.

Examples of PPC search engines are the following:

•    Google Adwords: This program situates place listings inside the search results of Google. Although, these are also some other websites that presents their own listings. Example of this is the “Who Power Whom?” At the present, Google Adwords ranks first for the best paid placement service in the 4th Annual Search Engine Awards.
•    Overture: This is the oldest main search engine for paid placement. It dispenses its listings to a great variety of search engines. Originally, Overture was introduced as “Go To” in the year 1997, but the company changed its name to Overture in 2001. And in 2003, this was officially bought by Yahoo. Overture took the second place in the 4th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards as the best paid placement service.
• This is considered as a principal paid placement with extensive distribution in Europe and United Kingdom. This combined with FindWhat in 2004 and functions as a partition of the said company.    
• This is a vital paid placement service because the company provides great distribution on numbers of chief Meta search engines. is an honorable mention in the 4th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards for best paid placement service.

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