Risk Management Magazine Titles Available Online

It is possible to stay abreast of Risk Management issues and problems by subscribing to
certain magazines devoted to the various areas of Risk Management.

The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. publishes its own online magazine known as
the Risk Management Magazine. It allows executives and other individuals who are involved
somehow or interested in Risk Management per se to: send press releases about their company;
advertise their products and services; and generally stay on top of the world of Risk
Management and developments in it. It also accepts articles from contributing writers who
write about Risk Management issues and problems. However, the magazine does not pay
contributors for any articles that they submit and are published. One new risk that was
covered in this magazine is Climate Change and the risks that are produced by or related to
this global phenomenon.

Another company that publishes information about Risk Management is CFO.com, though its
online newsletter – CFO magazine – is not solely devoted to Risk Management alone. Risk
Management is just one of the topics that it covers as part of its service to the financial
officers of organizations.

The Energy Risk magazine is concerned with risks inherent to energy-related industries
throughout the world. Some sub-fields of Risk Management that it talks about are ethanol
risks, the risks in the US power market, weather risk management, risks in private equity
and energy, and risks in gas trading (among others.) Another magazine that came out from
the same group that produces Energy Risk Magazine is Commodity Risk Magazine which releases
information about commodities risk management and trading.

Strategic Risk is another magazine that online readers can subscribe to (like the others
mentioned here.) There are other publications which are also released by the same people
behind Strategic Risk, namely, Catastrophe Risk Management, Insurance Times, and Global


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