Risk Management Tutorial – The Substitute of Classroom Training

In the absence of resources to convey training within the organization (such as training facilitators, training rooms, training materials et.al.), one good alternative is buying a tutorial set. A training tutorial is a complete set of knowledge base materials, usually presented in Microsoft Powerpoint format. The whole package consists of everything that one should know about a certain topic, including online exercises to test one’s learning. This is also the same concept that risk management gurus has adapted.

A risk management tutorial is almost the same as any other tutorials. It is just that this tutorial is tailored down to risk management topics that include motivation for risk management, key concepts, and the most frequently used risk management approaches and methods with their benefits and shortfalls. Some tutorials introduce the Riskit risk management technique, which is now being used by several US and UK companies (i.e. Nokia, NASA, Daimler Chrysler among others). Riskit is a comprehensive risk management process that is based on sound theoretical principles and therefore, avoids many of the restrictions and problems that are common to many other risk management techniques. Tutorials usually come in CDs but there are also available content that can be found online from web sites that offer such products / services.

The only difference of having tutorials than classroom training is the lack of interaction. There are some who prefers to have interactive learning wherein they can ask questions from certain topics that are new to them. Tutorials are indeed helpful substitutes, and are even cost-effective than actual training. However, a one-on-one interaction with a facilitator is a lot better than merely viewing a presentation.

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