Risk Management Worksheet – An Assessment

A risk management worksheet can help determine the key areas within the organization that can drive business results. It is but a reality that risks or threats can not be eliminated, though there are certain measures, such as insurance policies and coverages, which can help limit its impact. But then again, insurance is not the only answer once potential risks are presented at hand. The exposure to risks can be minimized by instituting programs that can in some way control it. The use of a risk management worksheet is a useful tool to determine such measures.

Say for example a risk management worksheet designed to protect proprietary information may contain a check list with the following information:  (a) Setting up passwords when accessing computers, printers, copiers and fax machines that could be used to transmit or copy confidential information; (b) Using employee and visitor identification cards / badges to control and monitor people entering in and out of the business premise; and (c) Enforcing physical security by putting up “No Trespassing” signs, locking doors leading to prohibited areas, and hiring security guards to ensure unauthorized access will be prevented. If all of these items listed in the worksheet are checked, this means that your company is ensured of possible risks against certain security threats such as loss of valuable information or data, and even piracy. If one of the items is not checked, this means that proprietary information is at stake within the organization. There are still a lot of risk factors out there that the company needs to make sure that everything will work out fine and a risk management worksheet is just a step away from reaching desired results.

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