Role of IT Help Desk Clerk

Someone has to attend to your customer’s complaints or needs. 
There are various complaints that your company receives
everyday and these have to be diagnosed as to the degree of
severity of the problem.  To do this is to assign an initial contact
or an IT help desk clerk to attend to the numerous calls and
emails that your company is receiving on a day to day basis.

Roles of an IT help desk clerk are:

1.  An It help desk clerk must be able to resolve problems
     addressed by clients   immediately.
2.  On IT related questions, the IT help desk clerk must
     have a basic knowledge of the software or application
     systems, to be able to give basic answers to basic
     questions as posed by clients.
3.  Problem reports need to be recorded or logged,  
     to track down recurring problems and find solutions to
     avoid future occurrences.
4.  Try to resolve incidents based on personal expertise or
     experiences.  A colleague at work may be consulted,
     if in doubt or further clarification is needed.
5.  To refer specialized or problems or lengthy inquiries to
     an "off-duty" help desk staff member.  This is to provide
     unlimited or uninterrupted assistance should lengthy
     discussion is needed.
 6.  If the IT help desk clerk is not in the capacity to solve
      the problem or questions, the matter should be forwarded
      to the next level of support so as not to have the client waiting.

The IT help desk clerk can be referred to as the front desk
officer and is highly regarded as an important asset in the company. 
They serve as front liners in receiving calls of clients and therefore
good communications skills and well mannered individual should
be in placed.

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