Roll Calling Topics Discussed on CompTIA Courses

Since the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a widely recognized certification institution, there are a lot of training programs as seen on various web sites that offer comprehensive courses for those who would like to pursue on getting a CompTIA certification. Each training course is dependent on the specific CompTIA certification program that a candidate wishes to apply. There are usually no prerequisites that an enrollee has to fulfill before getting in, though a basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows will definitely help a lot during the course discussion.

For a CompTIA A+ training course, computer operating systems management and hardware service competencies are the topic to be discussed, which are further broken down into these three areas of interests  (a) installing & configuring hardware devices & operating systems; (b) troubleshooting techniques, diagnosis & repair; and (c) basic networking.

Networking essentials, fundamentals of web site development and intranets/extranets are some of the most popular topics that will be discussed on a regular CompTIA iNet+ training course. This course is more preferred by e-commerce professionals, web site managers, internet marketers and technical experts.

The CompTIA Network+ training course, on the other hand, requires a candidate to be highly technical when it comes to network support and implementation. Topics discussed in this course include (a) media, standards, topologies, & protocols; (b) installation & configuration of TCP/IP client software applications; and (c) wireless networking.

For a CompTIA Security+ wannabes, topics that are most likely discussed on training courses include (a) cryptography and encryption technologies, (b) access control; and (c) secure communications. However, CompTIA Server+ aspirants can expect discussions about (a) troubleshooting & disaster recovery; (b) server installation; and (c) performance maintenance & upgrades.


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