Running a computer system at work and having to gather all information into a single database requir

As managers, you need to know what is happening in your organization.  You need information that will help you come up with decisions.  You also feel the need to know if expanding will be profitable or not.  With the rapid change in environment and rise in high technology, it becomes difficult to keep abreast and still be competitive. 

The Enterprise Resource Planning software is provides business with custom designed software that will help them serve all their requirements and be completely up to date of what is happening.  ERP provides an integrated software solution to all the organizations functions. Some of the benefits that businesses achieved through the implementation of ERP are: 1. It allows personnel handling the Accounts Payable the increased control of invoicing and payment processing.   This increases their productivity and their too much dependence on computer personnel operations. 2. The system reduces paper documentation.  Entering and retrieving information are on on-line formats. 3. It provides timeliness of information since postings or recordings are done daily instead of monthly. 4. It provides accurate information. 5. It has improve cost control 6. It allows quick response and follow up on customers 7. It provides more efficient cash collection. 8. It helps business to achieve competitive advantage as they try to improve their business processes. 9.  It provides supply-demand linkage. 10.  It gives a unified customer database that can be used to all applications. The ERP will help boost your business. Take a step and be on top of everything. Know it all through ERP. 

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