SaaS Business Benefits for ISVs and Customers

Information Technologys aim is to make life simpler and easier. It is clearly evident nowadays that this goal of IT has even exceeded the demands of the public wherein it seems almost everything can be done in just a push of a button. A lot of different   processes and procedures were also introduced in the world of business, promising countless benefits not only to the service providers and product developers, but also to the end-users as well. One of these breakthroughs is the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, providing benefits to both independent software vendors (ISVs) and end customers.

SaaS specific benefits to ISVs include the following: (a) improved customer support and service levels; (b) shared responsibility for support infrastructure; (c) more predictable and expected ongoing costs; (d) lowered risk factors; and (e) quicker and easier to market. In addition, partnering with clients gives way for ISVs to concentrate more on developing software applications rather than delivering and operating it, thus enhancing software value. SaaS also fosters closer ties between ISVs and users. Promoting interaction and dialogue will enable ISVs to get feedback on web-based software applications directly from its users.

For clients and customers, SaaS benefits include: (a) more stable security system  for monitoring network and application attacks or breaches; (b) faster implementation  easier deployment than traditional software; (c) more cost-effective  no need to but additional software or hardware, 50% less than traditional systems; (d) focus more on strategic initiatives  the need for proper delegation is a must; and (e) lower risk alternative  return on investment is improved and implementation risks are greatly reduced. 

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