SaaS News: Keeping Updated with the Latest in Trends

The SaaS is one of todays most successful trends in the world of software development. The SaaS solutions have solved a lot of problems that most traditional software is facing which includes highly expensive upfront license fees, access issues, and long time implementations. Over the next couple of years, the SaaS is expected to become more pervasive in all areas of the software market.

In keeping with the latest trends, the SaaS news is helpful so that investors and web developers can fully understand how the SaaS industry goes and properly assess the impact in the world of software development.

Based from the latest SaaS news, the market size of this industry is expected to reach up to a hundred billion dollars, although this will be a gradual evolution. The desktop applications, as well as the enterprise application markets are seen to stand at about twenty-four billions and sixty-five billion dollars respectively. The system infrastructure for SaaS also includes network security and desktop applications, virtualization, and back up.

Additionally, the SaaS news also stated that there is a hundred percent of desktop applications that have successfully delivered on demand SaaS solutions over time, thus seen to obtain about thirty-eight billion dollars opportunity by 2010. As for the enterprise applications, about ten percent of all the data can not be accessed on demand as per governmental mandates. This means to say that government and international data deemed as confidential can not be stored off-premise nor be co-mingled. 

The SaaS news is indeed one of the most effective methods to gather information about the latest trends in the world of the SaaS industry. Learn and read more about them now.

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