Salient features and uses of visual studio enterprise architect (VSEA)

The visual studio enterprise architect (VSEA) is an all-inclusive development tool used in designing applications and XML web services. It’s also used in delivering architectural direction for an organization’s development teams. VSEA is perceived as the most dynamic and constructive tool in developing and establishing next generation software applications.

VSEA functions on the influence of a visual studio enterprise developer. Specifically, VSEA provides added capabilities for specifying, designing, and communicating application architecture and functionality; both significant to an efficient use of VSEA.

Furthermore, VSEA provides innovative and remarkable features, such as Integrated HELP (both online and offline), a multi document (tabbed) view that allows the end-user to see all different types of project specs files, SQL Server Utility (the same with enterprise manager), and other more cool features.

Following are three notable uses of VSEA. These are to:

1. Increase capabilities and productivity of an organization’s development team by using the enterprise templates included in VSEA product;
2. Develop and design enterprise architectures visually by using Microsoft Vision-based tools and server; and
3. Establish connected applications for Windows, mobile devices, and the Web.

In addition, VSEA allows developers to:

1. Model applications visually, likewise some business processes and databases;
2. Design sound architect frameworks and best practices strategies; and
3. Establish a reliable and high performance platform for the dispersed applications.

And like any other application products, VSEA has also its major disadvantage, which is the need for a high-speed, high-performance computer. Ideally, the computer must have high processing capability, enough RAM, and considerable amount of disk space. Regardless of VSEA’s substantial computer requirement, still it remains to be the most preferred and used applications by developers in designing visually enterprise architecture frameworks for the organization.

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