Sample CCNA Semester 2 Final Questions

The CCNA second semester modules talk about routers and routing basics. Students under this study will focus
on managing command protocols in networking configuration and router troubleshooting.

Sample test questions pertain to subtopics covered in each CCNA semester, and will help students review.
They would know if they have encountered or not that particular lesson through the questions. Normally, a
CCNA semestral exam may include content from several modules. Modules cover questions ranging from the
simple topic of the course to the different technical parameters.

Here are some sample questions from previous CNNA 2 Final Exams. First, give 2 WAN connection services
often used in synchronized communications. Second, given this situation (one of the seven network users in the
Accounting department cannot connect to the file server. The network cannot be seen although the PC of the
affected user is properly booted) then what should be reviewed first? Third, give at least three steps to run
applications such as Telnet, web browsers, and email between hosts in a fundamental networking system. Four,
what should be the proper course of schedule of a router set up? Five, give three major characteristics of a
normal WAN (Wide Area Network). Six, what commands that would indicate whether a booting system
proclamation is configured on a router? Seven, what type of proclamations would be propelled sporadically by
tools configured for Cisco Discovery protocol? Eight, state the reason why an administrator utilizes Telnet in
network troubleshooting? Lastly, when you run a standard IOS version via a router, how many Telnet
assemblies will be shown at once?
The combination of hands-on application of the course and reviewing sample exam questions will be helpful to
optimize your understanding of CCNA topics. You may gain additional hints when answering and analyzing
questions to pass the CNNA exam.

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