Save Time and Resources, Use Prince2 Forms

When using Prince2 templates, project managers will encounter numerous forms, charts and tables.  These Prince2 forms are very important in order to design a good project using the Prince2 methods.  Developers of Prince2 however are encouraging users to customize and scale the forms according to the requirements of a specific project.  This will make Prince2 more dynamic and it could also enrich the body of knowledge that could be attributed to the Prince2 framework.

Prince2 forms normally are formatted in standard word processing program.  This would make it easier for users to utilize the form because the need for conversion or additional software will be eliminated. Some forms can also be availed in PDF files.  PDF documents can be viewed easily on any browser and it should work with different platforms.  The program is a freeware and could be downloaded from the Internet.

Using standard Prince2 forms can significantly reduce the preparation of management teams in starting up a project.  Designing numerous forms for a project will definitely eat a lot of time.  Since time is essential for any project, the time saved in using Prince2 forms can be devoted to other equally important tasks of the management team.

Using Prince2 forms can also reduce the cost of project start up.  Project management forms are costly.  The free forms available in Prince2 templates can definitely give positive impact on the project financials.

Prince2 forms are very important.  It can be used to make work easier and also helps in reducing project start up costs.


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