SCJP SAMPLE TEST for SCJP 1.2 & 1.4 Examinees

The sample questions you could find in a Sun Certification for Java Programmer (SCJP) Exam could be modified over time by Java Sun Certification. The real SCJP exam might be more difficult than these sample tests. For example, the real exam has 59 questions but you need to attain 36 correct answers to pass the exam. Utilizing practice exams can help you cover some topics you did not encounter in your SCJP studies.

This sample test version we will cite is suitable for potential examinees for the SCJP 1.2 and 1.4 exam versions. The first question on the list is to name the declaration of the chief method by which you could start a stand-alone program. Second question: In an array (arr) of Java, by how many elements can it be represented and by what kind of expression? Thirdly, convert number 7 into hexadecimal using four characters. Question #4 is: cite any Java keyword. Fifth question is to identify whether this statement – The class coder must have a return type – is true or false. Next question is: identify the number of bytes employed by Java primitive long. Another sample is to compute for the result of assessing the expression 16^25. Next, give an example of legal array declarations. More samples require you to give the range of values for int. Next, identify the legal prototypes of a base class having a method known as void method() {}. And lastly,  give legal identifier names in Java.

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