SEI CMMI: Trailblazing the Way towards Technological Development

The Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is the developer of CMMI.  The SEI is a government funded learning, research, and development facility that serves as the premiere institution for advancing the concepts and principles of systems engineering.  It is also the top resource center for the development of computer security, software development, and process applications improvement.  Today SEI, which is housed in the Carnegie Mellon University, is leading the way towards technological innovations in the fields of computer science and engineering. 

Actually, CMMI was created by SEI in close collaboration with the Defense department’s systems engineering and major software developers.  It was primarily designed as a tool of the government to assess the organizational competencies and capabilities of its contractors.  It is a known fact that government projects, including contracts in defense development, involve enormous acquisitions and very elaborate work orders.  To ensure that its contractors can comply with the stringent requirements and deliver quality projects to the state, a verification and appraisal tool is needed.  That is how CMMI came about.  It became the chief assessment tool of government to determine the efficiency and maturity of the business processes of its contractors. 

In due time, CMMI also became popular in commercial and business use.  The application has been used by companies to improve their process management as well as their entire business operations.  The impact therefore of SEI-developed CMMI is very significant because companies that deployed and adopted its application and principle were able to improve their processes and optimized their business performance.

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