Selecting a CCNA Simulator to Practice With

imulators were created to provide hands-on practice and skills development for students. These are part of the
basic skills enhancement aspects of CCNA 640-801. CCNA simulators are necessary tools to better equip
and prepare the student in passing CCNA exams.

A CCNA simulator may be dependent on expensive laboratory hardware or perhaps simulator software.
CCNA simulators must be able to provide skills enhancement in designing networks, giving detailed attention
to its routers and switches. Most simulator software provide up to 200 routers and switches that supports 45
Cisco models. CCNA simulators include the Network simulator and designer, the Router simulator and the
Juniper Router Simulator.

Network simulator provides a virtual laboratory environment which is intended to give familiarity about router
and switch commands on different networks. It provides hands-on practice for skills enhancement. One of the
important features of any CCNA simulator program is that it must include a design that can simulate up to 200
devices using 45 different models. It must provide a virtual laboratory wherein networking skills may be
practiced together with real routing and switching simulation. Most of all, simulation familiarity with the Cisco
system will improve the knowledge and enhance the skills of the students so that they can pass the CCNA

CCNA simulators allow the student to experience building, testing and previewing a large variety of networks.
Likewise, exam preparation is usually included, to better prepare the student for the exams. It is necessary to
choose the best CCNA simulation software to get the best practice for Cisco system.


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