#@&!!@$# Service desks


Ok – you can probably guess by the heading that this blog is so not going to be a glowing report on service management at its best… and you are right….


Having moved homes recently have had to go through the arduous task of moving and installing new services – mainly internet…  did my research and found the best deal for the area – ordered adsl2 and impatiently waited for the modem to arrive. 

3 days later, as promised – it was here – tick to them.


Next – apparently all I had to do was go home and “plug it in”…. if only it was that easy…

As I tried and tried to make that &^&^%&^ modem work, – zip… nothing…  -so I read the support section – “if experiencing any difficulties and require support please call 1300 blah blah or email…” and  there in lies my issue – I need my adsl to use the phone, and to email… so how am I suppose to get support  (yes I did use my mobile phone – but suddenly free calls aren’t free – and we all know how long you have to wait on hold for support)??

So after 25 minutes on phone with them checking this asking that, assuring them that I do not have anything plugged into the phone line, he then asks me if I have a back to base alarm system installed… BANG – sheepishly I reply yes, but its not enabled as yet…. Doesn’t matter – so until I get a filter on that(its hardwired into the phoneline), no internet…


And so now I am fighting with the alarm company and their service desk to try and connect the alarm system asap – not for security – for the internet….



Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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