Service Level Agreement – Data Center’s Availability Guaranteed

Aside from delivering highly available and reliable performing systems, an excellent service provider also delivers its promise to the customer, abiding by the terms and conditions set forth on the service level agreement or SLA. This is why an effective and efficient SLA is an important key to success. The contract narrates everything that should be done, seeing to it that the provider is staying intact with its commitments and responsibilities.

One of the essential points of the SLA is service availability. The service providers data center should be in place 100 % of the time. Though there may be scheduled maintenance and down times, a back up plan should be ready to accommodate the expecting customers. If in case that the system failures are not immediately resolved, the client should then be issued appropriate refund so as to compensate the ungranted access during these times.

In addition, it is also the customer’s responsibility to report such instances. Service interruptions are not only determined by getting a single report alone. This is not enough as a basis for down times. It could be that the problem is on the customer’s end and not everyone is affected. This will also streamline the number of affected customers. It is also possible that only one area got service disturbances; the reason could be bad weather conditions among other things. In general, service providers perform system maintenance on a regular basis to make sure that everything is in order. If in case there is something wrong with the service you received, report it immediately and it will surely make a difference.

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