Service Level Management is a process which is prominent in both V2 and V3 versions of ITIL.

 In V2 I was clear and unambiguous where it fitted – the Service Delivery set.

However in V3 – it starts to become a whole lot more cloudy as to where it specifically sits…


Noone can argue how important a role SLM is in an ITIL® mature organization.  What is evident is the ever increasing scope of SLM, as IT Organizations are becoming more and more complex.  Rightly so, SLM is firmly placed in both Service Design and CSI – the only ITIL® process to live in more than one phase – aka “Biphasal”. 


Why? – Why is this little process so special? To answer that we need to look closely at the role SLM plays in each process..


Service Design

SLM’s goal is to ensure that the levels of IT Service Delivery are achieved.  It is responsible for the SLA and the accompanying OLA’s and UC’s ( in conjunction with Supplier Mgt), the design of the Service Catalogue, as well as ongoing negotiations with both IT departments and Customers. 



SLM’s role is to continuously monitor and improve the level of service that the IT organization provides.  It relies heavily on the metric, data, reports to drive improvement.  Thus CSI….


So – you may ask – a bit obvious… – True! – but the level and depth of this process is both dependant upon, and vital to, just about all other processes…It is a process that probably gets undermined, and I am sure if you ask those in the SLM role – undervalued…


The frustration from our level at The Art of Service is trying to clearly help new and “ap-and-coming ITIL®ists” why this process is “biphasal”.  Which, of course confuses them no end until they look at the whole lifecycle picture…


In conclusion – SLM is probably the closest process that truly lives and breathes the ITIL® Lifecycle model in its own entity…


So – all you active SLM’s… I am keen to know your spin on the role/process of SLM in light of the new V3 model… drop me an email at and let me know your views…


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service!





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