Service Operation Summary

From a customer viewpoint, Service Operation is where actual value is seen. This is because it is the execution of strategies, designs and plans and improvements from the Service Lifecycle phases.

Key benefits delivered as a result of Service Operation are:
* Effectiveness and efficiency in IT Service delivery and support
* Increased return on investment
* More productive and positive users of IT services.

Other benefits can be defined as:

1. Long term: Over a period of time the Service Operation processes, functions performance and output are evaluated. These reports will be analyzed and decisions made about whether the improvement is needed, and how best to implement it through Service Design and Transition e.g. deployment of new tools, changes to process designs, reconfiguration of the infrastructure.

2. Short term: Improvement of working practices within the Service Operations processes, functions and technology itself. Generally they involve smaller improvements that do not mean changes to the fundamental nature of a process or technology e.g. tuning, training, personnel redeployment etc.

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