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to recent tidings from the computer world, Microsoft is now creating a web
service based platform, named Indigo, which is designed to help clients with
SOA solutions. This product is said to be the answer to other application
platform vendors like IBM, SUN Microsystems, SAP, Oracle and BEA systems.


is a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems, using
web services architecture, and a service oriented architecture model. It is a
revolutionary platform technology, which is set to change the company’s face.
Earlier, Microsoft did not have a strong hold on the enterprise messaging
technology market, but Indigo is about to change all that.


is also reported that Indigo is particularly good in a highly distributed
environment. It has a fabric like structure, which works best in this kind of a
set up. The structure of Indigo has been designed to drive operational costs
down and increase flexibility, thus easing the expansion of Microsoft’s SOA
platform into the business. 


is provisioned to support the changing needs of application workloads more
dynamically.  Microsoft is now involved
in enmeshing web services and SOA support and functionality into the Windows
operating system, .Net Framework and visual studio .Net IDE. The company has
employed a whole cadre of technologists involved in enmeshing web services
standards formulation with interoperability system.


The Indigo programming model from Microsoft, attempts to simplify
service programming, by creating a unified object oriented model for all
service-manufactured programs. Microsoft is said to be planning to seize the
market share for SOA related products from other vendors by using its strength
in mass product marketing.



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