Service oriented architecture vulnerability attack


oriented architecture (SOA) refers to the use of loosely coupled and
independent software systems that facilitate communication between exiting IT
systems and applications that might be based on different platforms. However,
implementing SOA in an organization may not always be easy because every
existing IT system or application has its own shortcomings, which need to be
studied in detail before initiating the implementation process. The service oriented
architecture vulnerability attack refers to the study of such shortcomings,
which have the potential to undermine the success of the implementations if not
given due attention.


service oriented architecture vulnerability attack study process related to the
identification of the shortcomings of various IT systems and applications and
the negative affects they can produce when they are integrated with each other.
Carrying out this process is necessary because the service-oriented
architecture is designed according to the vulnerabilities, i.e. it is designed
to negate the affects of the shortcomings or the vulnerabilities. This process
helps in the development of effective architectural platforms that enable
communications between conflicting technological systems and applications.


carrying out a service oriented architectural vulnerability attack study,
organizations need to use advanced software simulation tools that can replicate
the functioning of an IT system or application in a controlled environment.
This way, the organization will be able to derive multiple benefits, i.e.
collect accurate information, reduce costs, and design effective SOA systems.




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