Service Oriented Architecture Webcast


oriented architecture (SOA) refers to the independent software systems or
components, which enable communications between existing IT systems and
applications, which are based on various technological platforms. The only
problem is that SOA first needs to be implemented, which is certainly not an
easy task because for proper implementation, one needs to study the pros and
cons of each of the existing IT systems and applications. It is important to
study the pros and cons in detail because they can seriously undermine the
effectiveness of the implementations if not given due attention. To make the
task easier, the implementation team can make use of the service oriented
architecture vulnerability threat attack analysis.


service oriented architecture vulnerability threat attack analysis helps in
identifying the limitations of all the existing IT systems and applications. It
also helps in determining the potential problems that can occur when
incompatible systems, based on different technological platforms, are
integrated together. Once the limitations and problems have been identified,
the SOA team can then design and develop a comprehensive SOA system, which is
compatible with most of the existing IT systems and applications being utilized
by the organization. By designing and implementing compatible and effective SOA
systems, the organization will be able to derive innumerable benefits, some of
which are increased efficiency and reduced costs.






oriented architecture (SOA) webcast refers to the SOA related informational
audio/video tapes and downloadable text material that are available on Internet
websites. A service oriented architecture webcast is very useful for providing
the requisite SOA related information to potential clients and customers. Most
people searching for SOA related information on the Internet want to know the
basics of SOA and how it is beneficial for an organization. A service-oriented
webcast is preferred because it is very effective in communicating the basics
of SOA to the target audience. To make things easier for the end user, an SOA
webcast contains graphical representations along with the given information. A
webcast can also be designed as an interactive learning tool by utilizing the
FLASH platform.


on the target audience, a service oriented architecture webcast should contain
information related to the applicability of the SOA program. For example, the
webcast can contain detailed information about the type of industries where SOA
can be implemented. Since many customers also need to assess the cost of SOA
implementations, the webcast contains detailed information about the price,
registration fees and other related expenses. By designing a proper service
oriented architecture webcast, SOA service providers can increase their chances
of attracting more business.




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