Service Support Disciplines

In IT Service Management, one of the areas that it covers is the Service Support.  ITIL® provides the recommended practices of disciplines in handling Service Support. It becomes impossible to provide IT services to clients if no discipline is observed. It tends to become very unmanageable and hazardous to the company were services is provided.

The following are five Service Support disciplines and their description: 1.  Configuration Management.  It involves the application
     of a database known as Configuration Management
     Database: CMDB.  The CMDB includes the details
     of the organization’s elements used in the management
     of its IT services. It is consider as asset register,
     containing all the information relative to the maintenance,
     movement, and problems experienced with the Configuration
2.   Problem Management.  Includes the resolution and preventive
      measures of handling incidents affecting the normal run of an
      organization’s IT services. This also includes the assurance
      that errors or mistakes are corrected so as to avoid recurrence
      and the preventive maintenance to avoid repetition of it.
3.  Change Management.  This practice includes ensuring that
     configuration changes are carried out as planned and as
      authorized by designated person.  Ensuring that there is a
      reason for such change, be able to identify the specific
     configuration items and IT Services affected by the change,
      planning the change, testing the change, and a contingency
      plan, should the change result to unexpected state of the
      Configuration Item.
4.   Help Desk.    Service/Help Desk personnel are the first
      contact person when something unexpected happens. 
      The best practices of handling Service/Help Desk are
      important in the provision of IT Services.
5.   Software Control and Distribution.  Includes the 
      discipline in the management of software development,
      installation and support.

Guided with these disciplines in ITIL® Service Support, everyone would be accountable for its actions.


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