Service Transition Scenario

Knowledge Management Considerations
* If your SKMS is established, you would be able to identify if you have the skills required to support videoconferencing, for example.
* The SKMS will also help to determine the team required to build, test and deploy HYPE.
* Place to record and transfer user and support documentation.

Service Asset and Configuration Management Considerations
* HYPE software is registered as CI and relationships between it and the other CIs are known if…when… an incident occurs. This will assist to speed up resolution times.
* Decision made as to whether webcams are CIs themselves or an attribute of the PC/laptop it is attached to.

Change Management Considerations
* Ensure that the introduction of this new service minimizes impact on other services e.g. through testing, it is found that the RAM required slows down the PC, affecting other business critical apps. Change Management will assist with decision making to determine best path of action (through CAB).

Release and Deployment Management Considerations
* Builds and tests HYPE – decision here to limit video resolution to minimize bandwidth.
* Stores original authorized software in DML
* Ensures that design aspects are adhered to when building (e.g. ensuring that the password policies are adhered to
* Organizes training on using HYPE – (priority given to Service Desk 1st and pilot users).

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