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Enterprise content management or ECM is now playing a very important role in many business establishments and organizations. ECM is known as a set of different technologies that are used to store, capture, preserve, as well as deliver different contents like documents and images. Any information or content that is of real value to many organizations can be taken cared of by the EMC. One of the known companies in the business is the ECM Inc., which has their website address at

ECM has a full name of ECM Publishers, Inc. This is a publishing, distribution, and printing company operating in Minnesota. The company started as early as 1976 and now has more than 450 associates in their different product lines which include publications, distributions, online services, and web printing.

The ECM Inc. offers a wide variety of publishing options that will surely be great services with the company’s team of experts and specialists on advertising, graphic design, and support staffs.

So far, the ECM Inc is holding the printing of at least 24 community newspapers and production of publications for different government agencies. Aside from these, the company can be depended on developing publications specializing on tourism and travel, new resident information, economic growth, networking opportunities, and communications.

Other than newspapers and common publication, the ECM can also be relied on for printing of tourism guides, maps, membership directories, magazines, and resource guides.

Those who are interested to hire the services of ECM Publishers, Inc. can visit the company’s website at All the contact information as well as services can be read on the website.

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