Setting Priorities In IT Governance

When it comes to IT governance, risk management is one of the key priorities that
need to be addressed if the organization wants to achieve its business objectives. 
Setting priorities on what techniques to approach when it comes to an integrated and
unified IT program is also an advantage.

Many businesses today know that the techniques in integrating risk management in IT
governance is important in delivering and shaping how the enterprise IT will be in the
future.  Priorities management and setting need to be strategically developed so there
is a convergence of IT performance, availability, change, and configuration with
business risk management. 

Security issues and other threats to the IT service availability are major concerns and
should be included in the setting of priorities and techniques for IT governance.  This
has been an age-old concern for many businesses especially now that technology
advances have risen dramatically.  The demand for better security and higher
availability will always equal complex IT infrastructures and more complex

The main goal is to always create a strong competitive edge through an effectively
and efficiently controlled technology.  Finding the right technique for IT governance
is the key to setting priorities on concerns like IT management, project management,
operations management, resources, and productivity. 

When setting priorities for IT governance, different techniques have different results. 
Implementation, management, integration, and migration issues will eventually crop
up and should be part of the planning and management.  IT governance, if not
managed carefully, can have a tremendous effect on productivity, efficiency, and
resources.  But if executed properly, they can produce significant breakthroughs and

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