Setting Up A CCIE Home lab? Start off With Routers

A Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert home lab is something that will need some explaining if you are novice who intends to have this kind of set up as a way to complete your work. There are good ways to go about setting up a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert home lab and the best equipment will surely help you do your work in half the time it might take!

When it comes to the equipment you need to use, this will vary depending on your certification. If you are looking at pure Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, you might need a whole lot more compared to other types of certification. But of course, there are similarities for all the lab equipment, and you would best be getting on the most general list of the major types of products that are required for the entire range of certifications in Cisco. Because Cisco has grown to become known as being a routing company, routers are then touted as the core component of all the laboratory certifications. Even those that are not part of the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert sector will require some testing of your routing skills.

To stress it even more, almost all products of Cisco will require your home lab to have some type of routing capability, like getting three layer switches that will be able to perform both routing and switching. You will also see an advanced dynamic routing type of protocol that is a form of support for products like the PIX Firewall of Cisco or even the VPN Concentrator.

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