Setting Up Your CCNA Lab

Taking up a course in CCNA requires you to get equipments and devices to have hands on study on the course. Putting up your home lab for your CCNA studies can be a tough
job. One of the hardest part is deciding if you are supposed to spend your budget in buying expensive routers or get value for money by choosing cheaper 1900 switch.

One of the main tips in starting your own CCNA lab, don’t spend too much all at once.
Setting it up all together in one day will not help. In fact, it will just drain your pocket.
You have to plan and organize your priorities carefully. To put up a lab for your intro studies, you will just need one to two routers and other devices for your CCNA study.

You don’t really have to spend a great mount of money. Set a budget and work on it. But if you have more than $500 in your pocket, then that’s alright, you work with the real
device and not just simulation programs. Don’t worry, after you have acquired your certification goals you can resell your equipments and devices anytime. You can actually
sell it to another CCNA or CCNP candidate who needs the equipment in their study.

If you decide to get one router for your study, you have to maintain basic configurations.
You can in fact practice setting passwords and familiarize yourself with the hardware. In this way you can practice setting the hostname. This will also enable you to work with
other configuration commands.

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