Sharing Information Through the Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

Knowledge Management is all about sharing information. The sharing of information is beneficial as it makes you and your company grows and learning experiences allows room for improvement.

With the rapid increase in technology and the globally competitive environment, it is not enough that you have a knowledge management in placed. You need to be updated on the best practice to improve further your system of maintaining your knowledge management. A journal known as Journal of Knowledge Management Practice (JKMP) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed quarterly publication cmmitted to the exchange of the latest research in knowledge management.

The Journal of Knowledge Management Practice is formerly the Journal of Systemic Knowledge Management dedicated to collect serious research about knowledge management and its practical applications. It was the first journal in 1988 that brought together theory and case studies, thus providing progressive researchers, practitioners and organizations a holistic undertsanding and practical insight of knowledge management. JKMP started to publish their articles in January 1998 on a free open library until today. Open library refers to avaialbilty of articles online in electronic format. The journal is published in English language and its publisher is The Leadership Alliance Inc. (TLA), a Canadian company. The journal publication includes research findings, case studies, critical essays, trend analyses, anecdotal experiences, product and service reviews and commentaries, book and other publication reviews.

The JKMP welcomes submission of articles/papers that are knowledge management related. JKMP is a refereed journal meaning articles submitted are read and commented by one or more reviewers other than the editor. Authors are advised if journal submitted is accepted, needed revision or not accepted for publication.

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