Shedding Light on Prince2’s “Close a Project” Section

All projects that are undertaken, whether using Prince2 project management methods or not, have three parts – a beginning, a middle and an end. While the first two ones are obviously the planning and implementing stages, what goes on in the ending or the “close a project” part?

In a nutshell, the Prince2 close a project section is in charge of checking all the tasks and making sure that each has been completed. It acts as a supervisor slash checker, ensuring that all the products that were developed in the project have been successfully delivered into the hands of their customers – and with much approval at that. The close a project section also makes sure that there is a detailed record or documentation of any additional actions that were taken during the course of the project, such as maintenance checks and support groups. Before the project is closed and shelved, an assessment plan is conducted in order to evaluate the benefits that became the outcome of the project’s business case. A final report also finds its home in the close a project section of the Prince2 project management method. This final report is a full record of the actual performance of the entire project and is compared with the initial objectives and expected outputs that were outlined in the Project Initiation Document. These findings are reported back to the team and finally, the close a project’s last task is to file for a request to the Project Board to conclude the end of such an endeavor.

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