Should I rely on an SCJP 5.0 Exam EPractize Keygen?

A keygen is derived from the term key generator. The keygen is actually a minor computer program that is employed for software cracking groups so that they can bypass or overcome security protection systems in targeted software. Software cracking is a practice that had its beginnings among computer aficionados who wanted to prove their technical prowess but nowadays software cracking is done by software pirates to steal proprietary software information so they can make a quick profit. The keygen functions by helping the software cracker find the appropriate software-based key that identifies the software as an original proprietary product. The software cracker can then rely on that key to gain limited or unlimited access to the software.

EPractize is a computer software company that produces legitimate study guides, mock exams, and exam simulator programs for the SCJP 5.0 Exam. To get a keygen for the EPractize products borders on software piracy depending on how you use the keygen. If you use the keygen for private use only on your own privately owned software from EPractize, it is unlikely you will be charged with software piracy. However, if you use the keygen to make changes into the EPractize software then turn around and sell the amended software to other people for profit, then you have just committed an illegal act against the intellectual property rights or copyrights of the author of the legitimate EPractize software.

The problem with copyright or intellectual property laws though is that they are not adequately enforced. Also, not everyone understands how such laws work or why using keygens can be considered an illegal act, so that also hinders enforcement of the laws.


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