Should I Use a Brain Dump PMP Guide?

A Brain Dump PMP guide is basically any document that will help you prepare for the Project
Management Professional (or PMP) certification exam. The PMP accreditation is administered by the
Project Management Institute to help professionals gain project management expertise recognition.
Actually, even simple handwritten notes by someone who has taken the PMP exam before qualify as a
brain dump. In its most literal sense, a brain dump is the act of your writing down anything you know
about a particular topic.

To be considered for the PMP exam, you need to prove you have had minimum experience of at least
4500 hours in Project Management, plus have trained in this field in classroom sessions for at least 35

If you use the handwritten notes of some one you know – who gave these to you for free – then it would
be legal to use those notes. However, once you start buying brain dumps, then you have to be careful
because some creators of brain dumps actually trespass on the intellectual property rights of the original
accreditation exams. Some people may even go to the extent of copying the content of original
accreditation exams word for word – which is already blatant plagiarism. That is why some authorities
do not recommend use of a Brain Dump PMP guide.

To be considered passing, your score in the real PMP exam should be at least 106 correct answers out
of the 175 scored questions. One disadvantage with this exam is if you leave a certain question blank, this
is considered a wrong answer and counted against you.

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