Should I Use a CompTIA A+ Braindump?

There are two schools of thought about the CompTIA A+ exam: we should either stick to traditional study techniques or we should rely on a CompTIA A+ braindump. What is the difference between the two?

A CompTIA A+ accreditation exam is concerned with helping IT individuals gain accreditation in the computer service technician profession. The value of going through the material in its entirety over a rational period of time is that you get to examine concepts up close so that you become more familiar with them. Learning anything is really a matter of familiarity with the system.

So a person who chooses to use a CompTIA A+ braindump rather than study slowly over a pre-scheduled period of time, will not gain as much benefit from his studies and may even flunk the accreditation anyway. Thus, if he paid for braindump material from a braindump site (which is how these braindump sites make their living anyway) that is practically wasted money in the end (unless the examinee happens to be a prodigy at the computer service technician occupation in the first place.)

For the rest of us who are not geniuses and need time to absorb the information, the traditional way of studying still has merit and will still prove to be more effective than using a braindump. It is also cheaper because you need not spend on additional materials  you just need to go over your present materials. A braindump also has its critics who claim they promote cramming for exams which is almost never acceptable or effective (except, again, in the case of people who have a natural aptitude for this type of work.)

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