Should I use SCJP 1.5 PDF Free Materials To Review for the SCJP 5.0 Exam?

Actually, one site that promotes the Second Edition of A Programmers Guide to JAVA Certification says that many topics that do crop up in the new SCJP 5.0: Tiger version of the accreditation exam can be found in this book. The authors are Khalid A. Mughal and Rolf W. Rasmussen.

Certain parts of this book can be downloaded as PDF files, to give the reader a sample of what to expect from Mr. Mughal and Mr. Rasmussen. You can get Chapter Two (about Language Fundamentals) and Chapter 10 (which talks about Fundamental Classes) in PDF format. Other parts of the book that come via downloadable PDF samples are the Table of Contents, the Foreword, the Preface, and the Index. If you prefer, go to the site at then click on Archive with all PDFs above to get every one of these downloadable PDF samples of the book.

However, the authors admit that there are some crucial topics that they do not cover in the hard copy of this Second Edition. These topics are, namely, Generics, Enumerated Types, the Automated Boxing and Unboxing of Primitive Values, Static Import, Enhanced for Loop, Formatting Values, and Varargs.

Exam CX-310-055 (or SCJP 5.0: Tiger) is actually the latest version of the SCJP series of accreditation exams from Sun Microsystems. This exam is more of a performance-based exam than a knowledge-based exam which makes it very different from past versions of the accreditation exam for SCJP status.

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