Should My Organization Opt for Outsourcing IT Disaster Recovery Efforts?

It might be safely said that larger organizations may stand a better chance of surviving any IT Disaster
compared to small- and medium-sized businesses. So if you own or are part of a small- and
medium-sized business, maybe you want to do as the big boys do and opt for outsourcing of IT Disaster
Recovery efforts as well.

One big obstacle such smaller players face is that outsourcing of IT Disaster Recovery efforts costs quite
a bit – and that is even before the disaster strikes. For small- and medium-sized businesses this is really a
big issue because the market for their services may be considerably smaller than those of the larger
corporations. So, the smaller companies do not have deep pockets to dig into to invest in outsourcing of
IT Disaster Recovery services (and maybe their pockets are perennially empty too.) One way to get out
of this catch 22 situation is to invest in hiring in-house IT Disaster Recovery specialists instead.

Maintaining in-house specialists is beneficial in many ways. For one thing, your organization is able to
control the security and integrity of your IT system more thoroughly. When you outsource, you are putting
your fate in the hands of strangers. If the leaders of your small company are cautious, they may prefer
creating an in-house department just for this purpose.

However, outsourcing is also advantageous because you only have to hire specialists when the need
arises. If your organization is treading in deep water when it comes to business, outsourcing may be the
more practical solution (though safety of your data from predatory competitors can be compromised in
the process.)

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