Should We Start Outsourcing Disaster Recovery Plans?

It is a fact that whenever an organization finds itself lacking in expertise in a certain area, it will definitely
try to find someone who is considered a specialist in that field to help out. However, due to the glut of
Disaster Recovery companies who all claim to be experts in Disaster Recovery, how do you find the
most reputable ones to create a short list of vendors who can help you out?

Part one of any search for an outsourcing company that specializes in Disaster Recovery is to know what
you need the company for in the first place. It is not enough to lump together all these companies under
the blanket term of Disaster Recovery then draw out a name and contact that specialist. You also have to
do your homework about what Disaster Recovery is and how outsourcing could be beneficial to your
organization. This is very important not only so that you do not get cheated out of a well-paid service but
also so that you know what to expect from the Disaster Recovery Plan you will be formulating with the

That is the second part of the search for an outsourcing company – you have to stay part of the process.
This is not like outsourcing janitorial services where you can afford to not pay attention most of the time
because it is fairly easy to spot when janitors are not doing their job anyway. In outsourcing Disaster
Recovery Plans, you will be providing valuable information to the outsourcing company so you need to be
on the ball all the time. Add the fact that the information could be about the data itself (much of which will
probably belong to your clients) and you see why you should prioritize your participation in this endeavor.

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