Siebel 7.8: A Silent Shift to a Stronger Software

Everyone is aware of the business move of Siebel Systems regarding the shifting of Siebel versions to a notch higher one.  The revisions where made swiftly from Siebel 6 to Siebel; and then in just a little time after that, there was an important marketing strategy that Siebel Systems has made.  This is the transition of the Siebel version 7 to 7.7 and now just recently the Siebel 7.8 version.

So, what is new and hip with 7.8?  Are there really differences?  Are the differences noticeable?  Are the new features added far creative and innovative than the others?  What are the business implications of the sudden revisions?

To majority of software consumers, they think about the sudden upgrade and revision as just mere marketing strategy.  As a strategy, the Siebel Systems is just trying to catch the attention of more people to make sure that it is able to capture more market when it finally releases the full version.  To some other people, they see this as a revolutionizing move of the Siebel Systems creating a big leap and potentially a breakthrough for the computing industry. 

The Siebel 7.8 although may be considered a silent shift to a potentially stronger software, can be considered as a good tool to rejuvenate the customer relations management of any organization.  The 7.8 version of Siebel comprises of carefully studied industry-based requirements that shall surely fit into the needs of every organization. The Siebel 7.8 was designed and structured to potentially resolve more of the business issues in the upper management because of the fully integrated features exclusively designed for top and middle executives.  

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