Siebel 8.0: A Milestone in the Computing Arena

Every software program that Siebel Systems releases is a milestone to be considered. Every time the Siebel Systems release a newer version of its software, not only it is expected to become a massive hit, but more essentially, greater features are expected to be included on the new release.

The Siebel 8.0 version that Siebel Systems release is an expected revitalized and rejuvenated Siebel version.  Right after the Siebel 7.8 version was eclipsed, the expectation for a better and stronger Siebel software soared higher.  Siebel Systems did not fail its patronizing clients because with the Siebel 8.0, powerful and functional features were incorporated.  Below are some of the features and functions that were included in the new release:

a. A more enhanced workforce management tool and process was incorporated on the Siebel 8.0 release.  There is now the inclusion of extensive recruitment process on the system; planning and setting of company goals and objectives which is a critical area in any organization was included; there is a powerful mechanism of information access; retention and attrition services.
b. For a more simplified view of the files, forms, and resources, a major change in the interface was made.  This is to ensure that end-users will not have a problem with the screen layout and design.
c. The call center on demand which is a present feature in the previous version was also included on the 8.0 version.  However, a more powerful interactive voice response mechanism was made.

The Siebel 8.0 is a very promising Siebel release.  Its feature are undoubtedly very useful and functional. 

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