Siebel Foundation: Diversified Aid Sector Provider

Among the already growing number of foundations is the Siebel Foundation, which was founded on the year of 1996 by Thomas Siebel, who is the chairman of First Virtual Group.
The foundation is the very active on taking aid and support to the plight of the sectors in education, health and drug prevention.

It is also notably very helpful towards the causes of wildlife and habitat preservation, its conservation, and for the support for the homeless, which when compared to other foundations it would seem to be the most generous of the lot.
Or at least it would appear to be the foundation with one of the most diverse advocacies and aid sectors, which is so unlike many of the foundations, which usually have only two to three aid sectors to help.

Now even though Thomas Siebel founded the Siebel Foundation, the Siebel Scholars Foundation, a Thomas Siebel creationm, and the Dearborn Scholars Fund also created it as well.
Aside from these two, there is also a third member and that is the Meth Project Foundation, which most probably explains why there is a very large and diversified number of aid sectors it helps.

Originally, the Siebel Scholars Foundation was a foundation that granted educational scholarships to graduate students, who have been shown to have excellent academic achievements in the past and leadership abilities.
Aside from this, Thomas Siebel is also the founder of the Meth Project Foundation, and with the merging of the three foundations he became one of the most generous philanthropist today, even surpassing the other billionaire-philanthropists. 

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