Siebel: Revolutionizing the Software Industry

If you have heard about Oracle and the various Oracle products, you may be flabbergasted to know that Oracle systems are used to be Siebel systems. 

Siebel as a company is a leading advocate of technological advancement. Its founder Thomas “Tom” Siebel is known to be very compassionate about computers and the technology that impacts the computing industry.

The growth of Siebel as a company came like a lightning. It struck so many software solutions with its massive impact in the business industry.  In the year 1995, there was a massive recorded revenue that Siebel has earned making its big wave in the business sector.  This massive revenue got in place because of the initial shipment made on the Siebel Enterprise software.  This initial release made an insurmountable leap. And because of that, before the year ended, a newer version was released in the market.  As expected, the version 2.0 of the Siebel Enterprise software made a huge impact in the market adding more volume in the revenue that was earned by Siebel on the same year. 

As forecasted, the Siebel Company made a big name in the computing and business sector.  The revenue that was recorded as the all-time high in the year 1995 has been surpassed the following year.  In 1996, the Siebel Company had hit a world breaking revenue amounting to $39 million. This prompted Siebel to strategically create another environment for the company.  On that same year when multimedia, powerful databases, 32 and 64 bit processors and OOP were making waves in the market, Siebel went into public by opening its massive products to the consuming market. 

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