Siebel System and its Evolution

Siebel Systems is a marked name in the software industry.  All facets of the business of the industry know and acknowledge the incomparable contribution of the Siebel Systems in the business arena. 

Siebel Systems grew incredibly when the customer relationship management or CRM was hitting the market in the early 1990’s. When Thomas Siebel, the founding chairman of the Siebel Systems, made an alliance with several companies to penetrate the CRM sector, he knew that he is going to penetrate it real quick and that his company, Siebel System, shall earn its great status in business industry.  True to this, his company was considered the fastest growing company by Fortune, a leading business magazine in the United States.

Siebel System launched its first product a year after it was established.  As expected, it became a massive hit in the market.  The year after the first launch, the recorded revenue even hit an all time high.  More and more unprecedented successes in the Siebel Systems were felt.  In 1998, the year before Siebel hit the $120 million revenue mark it launched yet another milestone in the software industry.  The Siebel Certified Consultancy program was introduced in the market.  Again, this program became a massive hit.  When the year 200o was nearing its end, Siebel has a recorded of more than 400 agency partners who do recommendations and installations of the Siebel systems to its patronizing clients. 

On that same year, Siebel Systems acquired another company to become its ally.  The Scopus Technology Incorporated’s acquisition by a whooping $460 million made a tremendous impact on Siebel Systems, making it strongly competitive.

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