Siebel Systems, Inc. Integration with Oracle

It all started on September 12, 2005 when Oracle Corporation purchased Siebel Systems with a worth of $5.8 billion. The Oracle Corporation and Siebel Systems, Inc. integration brought a new life in the Customer relationship management since the time Siebel was established and hit the market in 1993.

Providing software for CRM was the ultimate vision of Siebel ever since it started. Subsequently, as Siebel started to boost its sales in force automation software it got bigger when it comes to customer and marketing service applications. With this kind of intense growth it seemed to be an expected moment when in 1999 Fortune Magazine labeled Siebel Systems, Inc. as the greatest and fastest rising company in the United States.

The secret with this kind of success was revealed and linked with the company’s capacity to establish alliances that in year 2000, Siebel Systems, Inc. had already over 700 partners alliance.

Siebel Systems, Inc. was established by Thomas Siebel and Patricia House in 1993. Through the years Siebel was the CEO, president, and chairman of the company while House was the company’s Vice-President in marketing. Under their leadership, Siebel Systems, Inc. acquisitions and alliances explosive growth became distinguished in 1998-2003 until it was acquired by Oracle in 2006. Before the sensational acquisition of Oracle, Siebel Systems, Inc.’s revenue already reached $1 billion.

Oracle Corporation on the other hand is taking its own road to success in becoming the No.1 in middleware, applications, and database. Its objective about continuous innovation in the software industry is surely attainable now that it already owns the once leading software brand Siebel. Siebel Systems, Inc integration with Oracle Corporation surely defines a powerful software company in the making.

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