Simulating your ITIL

In production anything goes, and it is best that businesses anticipates problem before they arise.  An ITIL® overview simulator is software that allows businesses to predict what is to happen during actual performance.    It is software that will show what is to transpire if an IT application reaches to an abnormal situation without actually creating the situation.  An ITIL® overview simulator is designed to monitor the application of the system as it runs and determines what resources it uses.  After the observation phase, the list of activities and creation of environmental faults are made to simulate failures of these activities. Some ITIL® overview simulator software covers the five types of environmental fault: COM, Disk I/O, Memory, Network, and Registry.

The ITIL® overview simulator allows businesses to check on their performance and improve them for better results.
 Some of the benefits that an ITIL® overview simulator software provides to IT service management are as

1.  To be able to predict the course and results of
     certain actions. 2.  To have an understanding of why events occur. 3.  To be able to identify problem areas before
     implementation. 4.  To explore results of the modifications made. 5.  To be able to confirm the known variables. 6.  To be able to evaluate ideas and identify the
     reason behind inefficiencies 7.  To gain insight and stimulate one’s creative
     thinking 8.  To be able to communicate the simulation
     results with integrity and feasibility of your

Make a stepwise refinement in your ITIL® implementation, start to simulate events and find solutions even before the problem occurs.

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