Six Sigma Black Belts and their Role on your Organization

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification is one of the most prestigious certifications today. Since Six Sigma has become one of the standards on how business operations and processes should be properly handled, more and more professionals are seeking the Black Belt certification to make room for job opportunities and career growth. Just like in martial arts, obtaining the black belt is the main target of all those who are into the said sport. Gaining such title proves your expertise and exceptional knowledge of the various techniques needed to win any game, which is quite similar to the corporate world. If you have given your 100% attention, even on tiny details of the project, will surely go a long way and thus yield desired results for the organization.

Another job title given to Six Sigma Black Belt certified professionals is Project Leaders. As Project Leaders, their goal is to see to it that every department within the organization implements the methodologies and uses the appropriate tools for Six Sigma. They also do extra work such as maintaining budget and time lines, performing analyses and determining the best course of action on any given situation. Being the point of contact, Project Leaders should have an understanding of the different processes involved in the project. This is what separates Black Belts from Green Belts. Black Belts are more hands on as they work closely with employees in ensuring the quality of every work done in the project. They also report to Master Black Belts or Quality Managers / Supervisors on a regular basis to update each other about the status of the project and provide feedback whenever necessary. 



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