Six Sigma Classes VS CBTs  Quality over Convenience

If you would like to take certification exams for Six Sigma such as Black Belt and Green Belt certifications, it is recommended to attend either classroom trainings or online computer-based trainings (CBT) to enhance your knowledge and develop the different skill sets needed to increase full project potential. There are a lot of training institutions that offer Six Sigma classes, as well as web sites that promote Six Sigma online training. Depending on your preference, taking such training will definitely increase your chances of passing the Six Sigma Certification exam of your choice.

Just like typical certification programs, it is much expensive to attend Six Sigma classes rather than taking courses on the Web. But then again, you will be given hands-on training that will keep you get interested about Six Sigma methodologies and how to properly implement them. Classroom sessions are also facilitated in by Six Sigma experts and you will be ensured of quality training from them.

If you are more after convenience than quality, then taking up short-term online training courses is just right for you. Because basically the Internet is almost everywhere, you can take Six Sigma courses on your preferred time, place and date. Aside from being cheaper, online training courses can also save your valuable time and effort. Yes, it may not be the best option that you have; however, online training still attracts more and more people due to practicality and convenience. In addition, it really does not matter if you take either of these two options. It is always dependent on the candidate on how he or she is determined to study and eventually pass the Six Sigma certification.


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