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The Six Sigma Handbook written by Thomas Pyzdek has been the bible of Six Sigma professionals for years. Its second edition, now revised and expanded, can now be purchased on selected bookstores around the metro, and can also be ordered online through various book shopping web sites. This edition has been completely rewritten and reorganized to meet the expectations of current Six Sigma practitioners. It covers everything that everyone who might be interested or currently engaged with the Six Sigma process has to know: from the basic statistics to various quality improvement tools that can be used nowadays with Six Sigma are all kept on one incredible reading material.

Now what actually sets The Six Sigma Handbook apart from any other Six Sigma books that can be found else where? The answer to this question would be very simple. One of the reasons why The Six Sigma Handbook has been read and used by previous and current Six Sigma professionals is that it is more updated with the recent developments and innovations in Six Sigma. Another good thing about it is that it is more comprehensive, providing detailed answers to frequently asked questions regarding Six Sigma.

Some of the key changes that were made on The Six Sigma Handbook 2nd edition are as follows: – New additional chapters on Lean and DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) – Includes several Ministab examples, which is the most popular statistical Six Sigma software – Six Sigma values and philosophies with new deployment methodology – Expanded new materials such as DOE, FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), and simulation.

So what are you waiting for Six Sigma enthusiasts? Buy your own copy of The Six Sigma Handbook now!

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