Six Sigma Jobs for Business Success

If you work for quality, then you should be familiar with the concepts of Six Sigma. On almost any organization, the quality team dictates how processes should be done as compared to the current practices. This is derived from a series of reports, tests and analyses that quality analysts do everyday to make further process recommendations. For quality analysts, obtaining a Six Sigma certification is a must to further hone the skills and broaden the knowledge of the Six Sigma methodologies used in most businesses today.

Aside from being a quality analyst, Six Sigma certified professionals can also work as Project Leaders or Process Managers. This is usually determined through years of experience in project implementation. Typically those who aspire to fill in slots for higher positions in the organization are those who have successfully completed and passed a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. This is in itself a proof of the individuals exposure to Six Sigma techniques and processes, thus earning them more credit to lead certain projects as specified by the senior management, which may consist of Master Black Belts. Master Black Belt is often considered the highest level in terms of Six Sigma expertise and experience.

However, there are also those who would like to participate in certain projects but only as support to Black Belts. These are the Green Belt passers. Though they provide assistance to Black Belts, they still have other job responsibilities that may be beyond the limit of the project itself.

Indeed, a lot of jobs await those who have successfully established their career in Six Sigma. However, it also takes years of hardwork before one can gain the fruits of his labor. Come to think of it, its definitely worth the wait.

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