Six Sigma Methodologies Revealed

Using the Six Sigma methodologies is not new anymore. For over two decades it has been the reason behind the triumph of small and large corporations in the world. Most trade or industries are using the Six Sigma methodology to manage their systems and operations. Motorolas Bill Smith formulated the concept back in the 1980s. then after the gigantic success it gave the company, it then became popular to other corporations worldwide. It also became the inspiration for many business professionals who want to pursue business using the Six Sigma way. Over the past years, the methodologies has been modified and altered depending on the organizations need.

The concept of zero defects, quality control and quality management is applied in this field. Moreover, the cost effective methods are implemented to increase the savings without sacrificing customer satisfaction. Eliminating defects and reducing variation is the primary principle of Six Sigma. When this is achieved, the cost savings are increased and the quality of the products is maintained. It is very crucial in any business to have a set of standards and procedures and strictly adhere to it. Implementation is very important for it to hit the pot of success.

The project should undergo thorough planning and a work flow layout to keep the business in good shape. These methodologies vary and some of the processes may not be able to all types of industries and trade. Most manufacturing companies have quality control and inventory management control divisions which should work hand in hand to implement the Six Sigma system.

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